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Meet Me at the Watergate

Notes: words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1973 Schroder Music Company, renewed 2002.

Meet me at the Watergate,
The Watergate, the Watergate,
Meet me at the Watergate,
We'll tap a couple of lines.

We'll put on our dark glasses
And our most ingenuous smiles,
We'll bug the walls and furniture
And raid the private files.
We'll round up exiled Cubans
And another five or ten,
And we'll fix up our dear President
So he'll never run again.

We'll send some dirty letters
Over someone else's name,
We'll run their weakest candidate
And the Left will get the blame,
We'll peek into the doctor's file
For something good and low,
And we'll fix up our dear President
So he'll have to feed on crow.


The President has robbed the poor,
The lame, the halt, the blind,
So there'll be plenty millions
For the cloak and dagger kind.
For you and me, I.T. and T.
There'll always be enough,
Cause those who backed the President
Are lousy with the stuff.


If something happens to go wrong
As we go round and round,
We know our loyal President
Will never let us down,
And as for us, we'll never talk,
We'll do each other good,
For each gave each at Watergate
The kiss of brotherhood.


Malvina Reynolds songbook(s) in which the music to this song appears:
---- [none]

Other place(s) where the music to this song appears:
---- Broadside No. 123 (2nd quarter, 1973)
---- Sing Out!, Volume 22(3) (1973), p. 22

Malvina Reynolds recording(s) on which this song is performed:
---- [none]

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