Underworld Campaign House Rules

Extra Health Level

The Storyteller System is, oddly enough, designed for storytelling and role-playing. However, the Underworld variation we are playing is exceedingly violent. To help keep game play going, all PCs have one extra Bruised health level beyond normal.

Lycan Blood

The blood of Lycans is extremely powerful and filled with the supernatural energy that causes werewolf Rage. In normal V:tM rules, vampires feeding from werewolves suffer effects similar to being drugged. In the Underworld films, vampire and Lycan blood does not mix well. However, for a one-shot campaign, we need a fast way for PC vampires to heal aggravated wounds. Thus, in our campaign, each point of Lycan blood consumed heals one level of normal or aggravated wounds. A vampire who feeds from a Lycan when he is uninjured risks entering a terrible, murderous frenzy where he attacks everyone around him (Self-Control check, Difficulty 7).

Vampire Blood

Under normal rules, vampires may feed upon one another to gain blood and use it as normal. In this campaign, a vampire who has an aggravated injury who feeds from another vampire heals one health level of aggravated damage, which burns one point of consumed blood. Any additional blood goes into the character's pool as normal. A vampire can only benefit from this once per night; additional feedings, even if still suffering aggravated damage, do not further heal the character. Most vampires are loathe to ever do this, because of the threat of Blood Bond.