Blood Cell Chronicle Setup

Game Session 1 — Operation: Colombian Snow

Central Command has learned of a vampire-sponsored drug operation running from an opulent manor near Santa Rita, Colombia. The funds of this operation are fueling vampire interests around the world, not to mention the horrendous impact the drugs have on American citizens. Shutting down this operation is only applying a bandage to the overall drug problem, but it is a significant start. Intel reports Clan Brujah is in control of this manor. In addition to running a major drug operation, Central Command suspects many vampire enclaves are held here in the relative seclusion of South America. The manor could be loaded with valuable information ready for extraction.

In addition, a Colombian politician is being blackmailed by the vampires. They have kidnapped his 19-year old daughter, Ilsa Lorenz, and held her captive for three months. Central Command has learned she is being held at the manor in Santa Rita. Her extraction will allow the politician to set policies that inhibit the drug cartels of Colombia. Until his daughter is safe, he continues to protect their interests.

The Blood Cell team has several objectives in this mission, combining extraction and shoot and loot elements.

  • Capture - Capture and extract one or more vampires for both interrogation and an additional source for vampire blood. If more than one vampire can be captured, do so if it does not endanger other objectives.

  • Destroy - Locate and destroy any drugs at the manor.

  • Document - Photograph every hostile terminated for later identification.

  • Execute - Locate and eliminate Marcus Petravich, a former Russian spetsnaz, now turned ghoul. He has been responsible for the deaths of several DEA agents. Central Command desires his ticket punched.

  • Loot - Locate and extract any information, paperwork, computers, disks or other items which may contain information valuable to Central Command.

  • Rescue - Locate and safely extract Ilsa Lorenz.

  • Trap - Set improvised explosive devices (IEDs) within the manor to trigger and destroy the manor when disturbed, taking out any hostiles not present at time of raid.

Game Session 2 — Operation: Plague Walker

Central Command has learned of a scientific experiment gone wrong on a secluded island off the coast of Belize, Central America. A crazed Malkavian vampire scientist, Dr. Otto Heinreich, has continued the experiments he began 65 years ago in Nazi Germany. In an effort to make the perfect killing machine, he dabbled in combining black magicks and bio-engineering. The result is a horrible disease, dubbed Walking Death, that quickly kills living mammals and reanimates their corpses. Dr. Heinreich underestimated the power of what he created; the disease contaminated some of his assistants and soon got out of control. Worse still, the virus (known as WD-41, a name obviously devised by a deranged vampire mind) quickly mutated into several strains, including WD-42 and WD-43 which had different effects upon human victims. Fortunately, the virus only seems to spread through bodily fluids, including saliva in bite wounds.

Within days, Dr. Heinreich's lab was in shambles. Central Command had a mole within his scientific staff, one Elaina Hernandez; her last communication two days ago indicated the lab was overrun with escaped test subjects, turned scientists and dead soldiers sent in by the Mexican government. She also indicated she believed herself infected with a strain of the WD-41 virus and did not expect to survive the night.

Satellite surveillance shows the lab compound is located beneath a military outpost in the middle of the island. Images reveal a battle took place between victims of WD-41 and Mexican soldiers. However, if there are any surviving soldiers, they have fled into the jungle. The soldiers infiltrated by boat and were to extract by helicopter. Two military choppers have arrived on scene only to mysteriously crash when going near the middle portion of the island. Central Command suspects some kind of interference with their computer and electrical equipment—perhaps a defense setup by Dr. Heinreich.

The Blood Cell team has a number of primary objectives for this mission.

  • Destroy - Eliminate all humans on the island. There is not a good way yet to detect infection by WD-41, so all potentials must be terminated. In addition, destroy any specimens of WD-41 found.

  • Execute - If Dr. Otto Heinreich still survives, he must be destroyed.

  • Loot - Extract all surviving records of Dr. Heinreich's work.