Forgotten Realms - Ultimate Showdown
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition
Contingent Character
1 Games Played, Created 06/13/2006
Name Gilgamesh Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Male Half-Ogre Medium Giant
Character Level 22 Last Played June 13, 2006
Classes Berserker 22, Rogue 1, Warmain 16 Craft Points 23,100
Prestige Classes None XP 231,000; Next Level 253,000; 5,500/game
Bloodline Intermediate Ogre 2
Hit Dice 22d12+176 plus 8 plus 30 100% 75% 50% 25% Initiative Modifier +5 (+1 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
  478 358 239 119  
Size Dex Natural Armor Helm Shield Deflection Dodge Morale Circumstance Other AC Touch Flat-Footed
+0 +1 +8 +11 +7 +0 +5 +3 +0 +0 +2 47 19 47
Ability Base Race Age Inherent Level Magic Total Mod
STR 18 +7 +0 +0 +3 +6 34 +12
DEX 15 -2 +0 +0 +0 +0 13 +1
CON 15 +2 +0 +1 +3 +6 27 +8
INT 15 -2 +0 +0 +0 +0 13 +1
WIS 13 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 13 +1
CHA 12 -1 +0 +0 +0 +0 11 +0
LUCK 13 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 13 +1

BAB +22/+17/+12/+7/+2
    melee touch +34
    ranged touch +23
Grapple +34 ; Bull Rush +12
Space/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Speed 20 ft. (4 squares)

Senses Listen +0; Spot +0; darkvision 60 ft.; tremorsense 30 ft.

Lives Remaining 2

Saves Base Ability Magic Misc Total Special
Fortitude +13 +8 +0 +2 +23  
Reflex +7 +1 +0 +0 +8 evasion
Will +13 +1 +0 +0 +14  
Damage Reduction 5/—
Fortification 10%
Immune fire (raging only)
Resist 2/acid; 0/cold; 30/electricity; 0/fire; 0/sonic
Weakness vulnerable to cold (raging only)
Weapon Atk Full Atk Dmg Crit Type
+5 Large adamantine eldritch manawall crushing seething acid greataxe melee +40 +40/+35/+30/+25/+20 3d6+26 plus 2d6 acid plus 5 SR 19-20/x3 S
+1 Large javelin ranged (30 ft.; 5 inc.) +35 +35/+30/+25/+20/+15 1d8+13 20/x2 P
unarmed strike melee +34 +34/+29/+24/+19/+14 1d3+12 nonlethal 20/x2 B
 Languages Chondathan, Common, Giant, Illuskan, Orc
 Feats Armor Focus (breastplate), Armor Proficiency (all), Blazing Berserker, Bloody Strike, Brutal Throw, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Epic Toughness, Faster HealingB, Great Fortitude B, Hurling Charge, Improved Critical (greataxe), Improved Initiative, Martial Weapon Proficiency (all), Natural Axeman, Power AttackB, Quick Draw, Reckless Rage, Shield Proficiency (all; including tower shields), Simple Weapon Proficiency (all), SturdyB, Weapon Focus (greataxe), Weapon Specialization (greataxe)B
 Skills Appraise +1 (+1 Int, 0 ranks), Balance -2 (+1 Dex, 0 ranks, +2 synergy Tumble, -5 armor), Bluff +0 (+0 Cha, 0 ranks), Climb +19 (+12 Str, 10 ranks, +2 racial, -5 armor), Concentration +10 (+8 Con, 0 ranks, +2 racial), Diplomacy +0 (+0 Cha, 0 ranks), Disguise -4 (+0 Cha, 0 ranks), Escape Artist -4 (+1 Dex, 0 ranks, -5 armor), Forgery +1 (+1 Int, 0 ranks), Gather Information +0 (+0 Cha, 0 ranks), Handle Animal +5 (+0 Cha, 5 ranks), Heal +11 (+1 Wis, 10 ranks), Intimidate +24 (+0 Cha, 24 ranks), Jump +26 (+12 Str, 17 ranks, +2 synergy Tumble, -5 armor), Knowledge (architecture and engineering) +11 (+1 Int, 10 ranks), Listen +0 (+1 Wis, 1 ranks, -2 helm), Ride +13 (+1 Dex, 10 ranks, +2 synergy from Handle Animal), Search +1 (+1 Int, 0 ranks), Sense Motive +1 (+1 Wis, 0 ranks), Sneak -3 (+1 Dex, 1 ranks, -5 armor), Spot +0 (+1 Wis, 1 ranks, -2 helm), Survival +25 (+1 Wis, 25 ranks), Swim +12 (+12 Str, 10 ranks, -10 armor), Tumble +3 (+1 Dex, 5 ranks, +2 synergy Jump, -5 armor), Use Rope +1 (+1 Dex, 0 ranks)

 Armor Check Penalty -5; Swim Check Penalty -10
 Permanent Class Skills Survival

Spellcasting and Spell-Like Abilities
 Spell-Like Abilities 1/day—darkness (), fly (), invisibility ().
Caster Level 22nd; Overcome Spell Resistance d20+22; Primary Ability Score Charisma
Special Attacks & Qualities
Armor Specialization (Ex): The warmain becomes proficient at moving so as to allow her armor to deflect the most possible force from each attack. The armor bonus for any armor the warmain uses increases by +1 for Light and Medium armor and +2 for Heavy armor. So plate armor provides the warmain a +10 armor bonus rather than +8. Enhancement bonuses on the armor are not affected.
Background Traits: +1 racial attack bonus with javelins.
Berserker Abilities: improved uncanny dodge (level 25 to flank).
Blazing Mighty Reckless Tireless Rage (Ex): () 6/day—Gain a +10 bonus to Strength and Constitution, +4 Will saves, +4 bonus on Will saves to resist enchantment effects, immunity to fire and reduces Armor Class by -4 and gains vulnerability to cold. A berserker can fly into a rage once per encounter as a free action. The rage lasts for (3 + new Constitution modifier) rounds.
Bloody Strike (Ex): A character must wield a slashing or piercing weapon to use this feat. As a full-attack action, the character can make a single attack roll that inflicts normal damage. If she damages her opponent, he must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + half her level + Wisdom bonus). Should the opponent fail the save, he bleeds profusely, losing 1 hit point per round until he receives magical healing of any kind, someone performs a Heal check (DC 15) upon him, or he makes a successful save (the second save attempt requires a full-round action as he staunches or nurses the wound himself).
Combat Rites: Three 1st-level rites per day.
Crushing Blow (Ex): () 2/day—The warmain can choose to channel great physical power into a single blow in melee combat (which can be a part of either a full attack or a single attack action). The attack, if successful, inflicts damage as if the weapon inflicted a critical hit—even if striking a foe normally immune to critical hits. If the crushing blow attack inflicts an actual critical hit, increase the critical's multiplier by +1; thus, a longsword inflicts a x 3 critical hit, while a greataxe inflicts a x 4 critical hit. If the crushing blow attack misses, the ability is still considered used for that day. A crushing blow does not trigger special effects that occur only when critical hits occur, such as the decapitating power of a vorpal weapon.
Faster Healing (Ex): The character regains hit points naturally at twice the normal rate. For example, a normal night of rest would recover 2 hp/level instead of the normal 1 hp/level.
Frenetic Reflexes (Ex): A berserker can react to the slightest change in combat and make an attack of opportunity against an opponent using the withdraw action to leave their threatened area. This benefit only applies when wearing no armor, light armor, or medium armor, and not carrying a heavy load. A berserker can make an attack of opportunity against an opponent leaving their threatened area with a 5-foot step. A berserker can make an attack of opportunity against an opponent moving through their threatened area with a 5-foot step. Anybody using the Tumble skill to avoid attacks of opportunity from the berserker must increase their Tumble DC by +10 in all cases. At 15th level, a berserker can always make an attack of opportunity against an opponent entering their threatened area. Anything less than total cover does not prevent a berserker from making an attack of opportunity.
Hurling Charge (Ex): If you charge an opponent, you may make a ranged attack with a thrown weapon as well as a melee attack with another weapon that you draw during the charge. You may use this feat only if you have a throwing weapon in hand at the start of your turn. Both attacks must be made at the same opponent, and both receive the bonus on attack rolls for making a charge. (If you kill the enemy you're charging with the thrown weapon, you complete the charge but don't get a melee attack.) You must also follow all the requirements of making a charge. If you have the ability to make multiple attacks on a charge, you may make only one attack in addition to the thrown weapon attack. You still take the normal -2 penalty to Armor Class for making a charge attack.
Ogre Affinity: You gain a +2 bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Perform checks made to interact with creatures of your bloodline.
Rogue Abilities: +1d6 sneak attack; trapfinding.
Weapon Size Increase (Ex): Warmains can use weapons one size category larger than themselves as one-handed weapons, and two size categories larger than themselves as two-handed weapons. Thus, a verrik warmain could use a greatsword in one hand (with a shield) or a giant's sword in both hands.
Equipment & Possessions
 Magical Items +6 amulet of health (36,000 gp), +5 barkskin cape (50,000 gp), +6 belt of giant strength (36,000 gp), boots of tremorsense (45,000 gp), +5 bracelet of deflection (75,000 gp), +5 darksteel breastplate (+11 armor; +2 max Dex; -4 armor check penalty; 35% spell failure; acid resistance 2; medium armor) (27,350 gp), efficient quiver (1,800 gp), everlasting rations (350 gp), gauntlets of weaponry venomous (CL 1st; last as long as weapon is in contact) (2,000 gp), goggles of accuracy (20 charges) (3,000 gp [150 gp/charge]), +5 heavy helm (62,650 gp), instant tent (9,000 gp), +5 Large adamantine eldritch manawall crushing seething acid greataxe (203,040 gp), 18 +1 Large javelins (2,302 gp each), ring of evasion (25,000 gp), ring of greater electricity resistance (44,000 gp)

 Potions 4 elixirs of healing (CL 11th; 110 hp) (3,300 gp), 3 potions of displacement (CL 5th; 5 round duration) (750 gp)

 Nonmagical Items backpack (2 gp), bedroll (1 sp), belt pouch (1 gp), 2 candles (1 cp each), empty flask (3 cp), explorer's outfit (10 gp), flint and steel (1 gp), grappling hook (1 gp), masterwork potion belt (60 gp), peasant's outfit (1 sp), 2 sacks (1 sp each), silk rope (50 ft.) (10 gp), small steel mirror (10 gp), 3 torches (1 cp each), trail rations (6 days) (5 sp/day), waterskin (1 gp), whetstone (2 cp), winter blanket (5 sp)

 Platinum (pp) 14,877, Gold (gp) 4, Silver (sp) 0, Copper (cp) 0
 Other Wealth None

Biographical Information
 Height 7 ft. 8 in.; Weight 326 lb.; Age 28; Hair Black; Eyes Green
 Patron Deity Gruumsh; Homeland The Savage Frontier; Heritage 50% Ogre Magi/50% Orc; Background Mountain Orc

Character Level Record
Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker
Half-Ogre Half-Ogre Half-Ogre Ogre Bloodline Ogre Bloodline Warmain Warmain Warmain Warmain Warmain
Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker
Warmain Warmain Warmain Warmain Warmain Warmain Warmain Warmain Warmain Warmain
Berserker Berserker                
Warmain Rogue                

 Slain Enemy Record