Ultimate Showdown

Campaign Notes

Mission Statement

Ultimate Showdown is a gestalt Dungeons & Dragons campaign devoid of plotline, story, or other details. It is designed entirely to allow players the opportunity to fight tough opponents with some of their favorite characters. Much like a Halo™ game, each night is its own encounter(s), separate from any from previous nights. This campaign is intended to run once every five weeks and allow the entire gaming group to blow off steam.


  • Import — Each player will choose an existing character from a previous campaign and "import" him into Ultimate Showdown. The character can be one that was alive or dead in the other campaign. He comes in with the levels he currently possesses and is alive. Extra levels can be gained with GEMs. Non-gestalt characters are allowed, although they would be understandably underpowered compared to gestalt characters.
  • Bonus Levels — If anyone chooses to import characters from a non-Epic campaign, he gains 2 bonus levels to help catch up with Epic characters.
  • Non-Gestalt Conversion — A non-gestalt character can be converted to gestalt, with the following stipulations.
    1. Requires a $10.00 donation to the Miniatures Fund
    2. Converted character must take all levels previously taken, with the addition of levels for gestalt.
    3. Character has same equipment as in the non-gestalt campaign
  • Three Lives — Each character has three lives, the one they start with, and two additional. Raising and/or resurrection between games is free and automatic. After three lives, the player may choose to either retire the character from this campaign for good and create a new character, or reset this character's lives to three.
  • Limited New Characters — A new character can only be created when a new player joins the group, or when your current character loses his third life.
  • Contained Reality — The characters in this campaign are completely separate from any other campaign; levels and items gained do not transfer back should a previous campaign resume.


  • Random — Because there is no underlying theme or storyline, this is simply a "if it moves, kill it" campaign, your foes can be anything at all. You may fight dragons one week, giants another, and kung-fu chickens the next.
  • Terrain — This campaign will normally use some kind of interactive (though not always 3D) terrain. Fights can take place on the side of a mountain, on a ship, under the ocean, in the mouth of a volcano, in a cottage, or just about any other imaginable setting.
  • Old Diehards — Revised, gestalt, versions of old foes may spring up from time to time to relive an old whooping or try to exact some modicum of revenge upon the players who defeated them before.


  • Experience — Experience is gained at the rate of 1/4 necessary to level per game (i.e. a character will level up every four game sessions).
  • GEMs — GEMs can be used to increase character levels, up to 2 levels beyond the party average.

Game Play

  • Timed Rounds — In a real effort to allow every player more opportunities for action each game session, you will have a 2 minute time limit to initiate actions each round. If, at the end of two minutes, you have not committed to an action, you forfeit your action that round, and your character does nothing. If you delay, your 2 minutes are paused (not reset), and your timer picks up again when you end your delay.