Brief Bio



Ph. D., Philosophy, 1993, University of Hawaii: "Rationality Theory and the Strong Programme in the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge."

Research Interests:

I have been interested in challenges to the rationality and the epistemology of science as these challenges come from feminist philosophers and from sociologists. I am interested currently in the application of arguments from the epistemology and methodology of science to jurisprudence, especially in the area of criminal law in US Federal Courts. I am writing a small text that combines elementary formal logic with an introduction to philosophical reasoning about practical matters. The working title of the text is: "The Practise of Philosophy: Reason, Values, and Duty." The text aims to make the points, in a way that will impress undergraduates, that practical philosophy is an essential tool for public intellectuals and that university graduates have a duty to be intelligent. After several years on faculty at a regional university, I find it a good thing to attempt to impress such a duty onto my students.

Recent Professional Activity:

Invited essay, " Why Justification is More Important than Truth: Scientific Realism and other Cognitive Vestiges," Divinatio: Studio Culturologica, Dimitri Ginev ed., forthcoming 2007.

Contributed chapter, "Feminist Approaches to Philosophy of Science," Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Science, Martin Curd and Stathis Psillos, eds., forthcoming 2007.

Invited Speaker, "The Duty to Master Math," Greek Mathematical Society for Education, Patros, Greece, November 2006.

Lecture, "Learning How to Learn: Practical Implications for Learning Methodologies," Society for Teaching and Learning, City University London, May 2006.

Guest Editor, Science & Education, "Women, Science Education, and Feminist Theory," forthcoming 2007.

Invited Speaker, Institute for Applied and Professional Ethics, Ohio University. "Proof in Science and Law: Gatekeeping Expert Testimony." 2005.


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