Why Philosophy? Because philosophy is an education for intellectual empowerment.

Philosophy enhances one's ability to analyze and solve problems, and to understand and express ideas.

Who studies Philosophy? Philosophy is the major for students who care about thinking. The person who thinks well succeeds in any endeavor.

The Philosophy Major is an impressive addition to your transcript. Graduate school admissions committee members take note of it as an indicator that you took, and mastered, challenging courses that develop strong reasoning skills and good study habits.

The Philosophy major puts you in the best position to do well on advanced placement tests (GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, &c.) and on employment interviews and tests in any professional occupation.

To study philosophy is:

The skills acquired through studying philosophy are used within all fields of study and all professions that involve the critical analysis of written materials and the production of reasoned arguments to justify a decision or plead a case.

A Major or a Minor in Philosophy is a natural choice for these fields: