Project Checklist:  MUST READ (Guidelines for setting up project committee, proposals, defense, and nature of project)

Examples of Well-Executed Projects:  Cress; Wegenka, Tudor 

LOCATING DATA (Many journals now have an explicit data availability policy;  if the journal does not archvie the data, you can usually contact the authors and obtain data)

WKU Econ Faculty:  Many of the WKU faculty have data connected to articles on which they have worked as well as knowledge of large databases.  Here are some areas on topics by faculty member.  You may consult their webpages for more information on specific articles.
Howsen/Borland:  Educational performance at student and school level
Zimmer:  Healthcare expenditures and usage
Goff:  Sports-related data; county-based political economy & religion;
Goff/Lebedinsky:  State economic performance with states matching
Carey/Lebedinsky: International
C. Strow:  Family choice and outcomes
Lile: Kentucky public finance and economic performanc
Trawick:  Health and family choice and outcomes
Wilson: Sports-related data; Advertising data

American Economic Review (data for most articles published from 2003-present)

Econometrica (data for most articles from 2004-present)

Data Archive for the Journal of Applied Econometrics (relatvely complete data for articles dating back to 1995)

Dataverse (project to collected data across variety of fields;  include institutional data, specific article data, ...; searchable)

John Campbell Macro-Finance Articles Replication Data  (example of specific scholar on Dataverse)

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review (data for most articles back to 1993 except for most recent)

Journal of Statistics Education Data Archive (variety of data for articles inside and outside economics from American Statistical Association)

International Studies Data Archive (variety of cross-country, political economy, ... for specific articles)

StatLib Data Archive (variety of data from articles econ and non-econ: example hedonic house price model data)

FRED -- Economic data maintained by St. Louis Fed

UN Database Links (wide variety of databases linked)

NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH  (macro [including macro history data base] and international focus; some industry, health, and other connected to large data sets and specific articles)

Robert Shiller (time series on U.S. stock prices, housing pricing, and other variables)

Mark Watson (Time series and macro files)