William W. Davis
Associate Professor 
Office Location: 418 Grise Hall
E-mail: bill.davis@wku.edu
Phone: 745-3123.FAX:745-3190
                   Office Hours: 8-9am, 10-11:45am, 1:40-2:40pm M/W/F; or by Appointment ointment ament


Econ 203-001 Principles of Macroeconomics  Sring, 2014 9:10-10:05 am  MWF Grise Hall 439   203 syl 14

Economic Development  Econ 385-001  Spring 2014 12:40-1:35pm MWF Grise Hall 440    385 syl14


Econ Club Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/groups/297132550358241/297626683642161/    

Link to the WKU Center for Applied Economics  http://www.wkuappliedeconomics.org/


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