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Dr. Art Shindhelm


I firmly believe that you should enjoy what you do for a living. Teaching fits that category for me and that is why I am at Western. I truly enjoy seeing students get satisfaction in working hard and mastering a difficult concept.

Currently my research interests are Fuzzy Logic, Robotics, and Automated Reasoning. These are subfields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which fascinate me. These fields have many different practical applications which involve solving problems from a “common sense” point of view.

Presently I am the director of AI Laboratory.



Contact Information

Office: TCCW 134
Phone #  (270) 745-6247
(270) 745-6449
Email: Art.Shindhelm@wku.edu

Office Hours (Fall, 2008)

Tues,Thurs 9:30-11:000;Mon,Wed.Fri 11:30-1:00

Mailing Address

Computer Science Department
Western Kentucky University
1 Big Red Way
Bowling Green KY 42101









CS 541-003

Data Strucrures

Section 1: MWF *:00-8:55


CS 2:30-004;CS

 Basic Programming


Section 6: TR 8:00-9:25

TCCW 377


CS 544-002

 Compiler Theory and Design

Section 2:TR 2:20-3:40

TCCW 116







Sea horses are fascinating animals


Degrees: 1967 B.S. Mathematics, Muhlenberg College, 1970 M.S. Mathematics, Syracuse University, 1974 Ph.D. Mathematics, Syracuse University, 1984 M.S. Computer Science, S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook

Areas of Research Interest: Automated Reasoning, Fuzzy Logic

Hobbies: Tropical Fish Raising

I listed above tropical fish raising as a hobby. At home, I maintain several aquariums where I raise different types of angel and discus fish.