Teaching American History

Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Teaching American History Summer Institute Scavenger Hunt. This Hunt will test your ability to find useful classroom materials on the web, in particular primary sources. Your main avenue for searching should be the Google search engine. All of the objects here are eminently findable using basic searching and the tips and tricks we talked about in class. All pertain in some way to the teaching of American History. Good Luck!

NB: You may not use Wikipedia to answer any of these questions.

  1. When William Bradford's Pilgrims had the "first New England water they drunk," it tasted as pleasant as what? Name that and a website where the answer can be found. (5 points)

  2. What was the author referring to when he said "there had been other bad breaks?" Name the author, subject, and the website where the answer can be found. (5 points each)

  3. On what website would following document be found in its original (not transcribed) format as excerpted below. Name the author (5 points), recipient (5 points), and website where the original is housed. (15 points)

  4. Find a website that has at least two issues of an English-language newspaper printed in the Americas prior to 1800. (.edu: 10 pts.; .gov: 5 pts.; .org: 3 pts.; .com: 1 pt.)

  5. Find a website or websites that explain the symbolism of the coat of arms found on John Smith's map of Virginia. The coat of arms would have been for the King of England at the time the map was made. [5 points for each item on the coat explained]

  6. On what website could one find a tool to figure out the relative value of money in the colonies and the United States over different time periods, from the late 1700s through today? [5 points]

  7. Give the URL of the Kentucky government website that explains the "Kentucky Core Content Test." (10 points)

  8. Find the URL that shows the following examples of slave punishment from Surinam. [10 points +10 more points for the explanation behind each crime.]
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  9. Find the map of colonial Virginia, Carolina, and Maryland at at least three different online sites, one of which must be the Library of Congress. You may use Google for the first two sites, but not to search the Library of Congress. [30 points]

  10. Give the URL for a lesson plan on the New York Times website that is related to some aspect of economic history/social studies. (20 points)

  11. At what website could you see a virtual tour of the original Jamestown settlement, as well as see the occupations of the original settlers? [10 points]







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