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Encyclopedia of Hinduism
Hindu Cosmology
Hindu Images and Sthrothrams
Hindu Temples
Hindu Timeline/History
Hindu Web Universe
Hinduism in America
Hinduism Online
Hinduism Today magazine
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History of Hinduism
Hinduism's influence on world religions

Ancient Indus Valley
Form of God or Goddess
Global Hindu Electronic Networks
God and Gods of Hinduism
Guide To Buddhist Studies
Indian Temples Encyclopedia
Sacred Texts: Hinduism
Symbolism in Hinduism
Templenet Encyclopedia
What makes one a HINDU

Saiva Sidhdhantha Home Page
Savism: a branch of Hinduism
Vaishnavam a branch of Hinduism
Modern Physics and Classical Hinduism
Murugan Bhakti: The Skanda Kumara
The Vedic Culture
275 Shivastalams glorified by the Tevaram Hymns
Hindu Students Council
India Divine
Hindu Foundation of Australia
Sage Yogaswami
Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
The Indus Valley Civilization
Over 1000 India Quiz questions!
BBC World Service - Religions of the World
One of Hinduism's sacred text
             Bhagavad-Gita Link 1 Link 2

Historic India Maps
State Maps of India


  • Search Results (Yahoo) : Hinduism
  • Cyber Paperboy: Hindu News
  • Hinduism Today
  • Astronomy and Antiquity of Vedic Culture
  • Bhagavad Gita - Postscript file of the Sanskrit text
  • Bhagavad Gita - translation by Sir Edwin Arnold
  • Bhagavad Gita - translation by Edwin Arnold with concordance and word lists (alphabetical, frequency, inverse and length) - from Bibliotheca Religiosa IntraText
  • Free Books on Yoga, Religion and Philosophy
  • Digital Shikshapatri
  • Hindu Scriptures - Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Kural and other texts
  • Hymns of the Atharva-Veda - translated by Maurice Bloomfield with concordance and word lis ts (alphabetical, frequency, inverse and length) - from Bibliotheca Religiosa IntraText
  • Hymns of the Samaveda - translated by Ralph T.H. Griffith with concordance and word lists (alphabetical, frequency, inverse and length) from Bibliotheca Religiosa IntraText
  • The Rig Veda - translated by Ralph R.H. Griffith with concordance and word lists (alphabe tical, frequency, inverse and length) - from Bibliotheca Religiosa IntraText
  • The Rig Veda transliterated Sanskrit with concordance and word lists (alphabetical, frequency, inverse and length) - from Bibliotheca Religiosa IntraText
  • Sanskrit Manuscripts at University of Pennsylvania - a number of the manuscripts have been digitized and are available at this site
  • Sanskrit Documents - texts in Devanagari display and transliteration format as well as dictionaries and pronounciation guides
  • Sanskrit Sutras - Amitabha Sutras, Vajracchedika-prajnaparamita sutras
  • Tantrik Texts - including: Yoni Tantra, Ganapati Upanishad and Kaula Upanishad
  • Veda and Dharma - "Veda, Vedic culture and its relation to present culture"
  • The Upanishads - translated by F. Mac Muller with concordance and word Lists (alphabetical, frequency, inverse and length) - from Biblotheca Religiosa IntraText
  • Vedic texts at the University of Frankfurt archives - include Rgveda-Samhita, Pada-Patha, Samhita-Patha Aitareya-Brahmana, Kausitaki-Brahmana, Aitareya-Upanisad and Manu-Smrti
  • Virtual e-Text Archive of Indic Texts - includes texts such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Yogasutras of Patanjali, comprehensive guide
  • The Yajur Veda - translated by A. Berriedale with concordance and word lists (alphabetica l, frequency, inverse and length) from Bibliotheca Religiosa IntraText


    Indian City Shaken by Temple Bombings
    A Tectonic Shift- Nepalese, Often Jaded About Politics, Now Say Enough Is Enough
    Under the Heel of Britain and the Thumb of Hindu Law in -Water-
    Bombs Rock a City Holy to Hindus, Killing at Least 15
    Festival of lights, parade of sweets
    For the Love of God. And Not Just Any God
    Indian Culture Clash- Classical or Pop
    Hindu Temple to Challenge State Judge on Religious Grounds
    With Each Warm Embrace, a Guru Shares Her Message
    A Religious Tangle Over the Hair of Pious Hindus
    A Swami, Paroled Into the Open Arms of His Temple
    Indias New Leader Vows Not to Tolerate Sectarian Riots
    The Jewel Turns Down the Crown
    33 Are Killed in Stampede at a Hindu Festival
    Muslims Recant, and Hindus Are Acquitted in Riot Trial
    Dowry Too High. Lose Bride and Go to Jail.
    From a Deep-Fryer in a Garage to an Indian Food Empire
    The Krishna Elm
    Hindu Hard-Liner Held
    India's Big Dig: Will It Settle or Inflame a Controversy?
    Happy Springtime! Now . . . Here's Dye in Your Eye
    Court in India Orders Archaeological Study of Disputed Holy Site
    A Sacred Circuit in Tibet
    Yoga in Aspen Public Schools Draws Opposition
    California Monks Wage Fight on Developers
    For a Resolute Girl, Traditions of India Imposed No Limits
    The Other Face of Fanaticism
    The Other Face of Fanaticism
    For Yoga Guru, Reaching Perfection Is a Stretch
    A Friend in India to All the World
    From the Ganges to the Hudson
    India Blocks Hindu Rally by Arresting Militant Chief
    Hard-Line Hindus Plan Rally, Defying Indian Government's Ban
    Thunder in Paradise: A Resilient Bali Prepares for a Storm
    Heaven and Earth at Violent Odds in an Indian Epic
    Swami Satchidananda, Woodstock's Guru, Dies at 87
    Indian Starts a Campaign Against Cash for Militants
    Holy Cow a Myth? An Indian Finds the Kick Is Real
    Hindu Nationalists Are Enrolling, and Enlisting, India's Poor
    'Desirable Daughters': The Cross-Culture Wars
    A New Kama Sutra Without Victorian Veils
    Hinduism's Political Resurgence

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