Teaching a list of the most recent courses I have taught

My teaching philosophy is that students should learn to approach the world with scientists' minds. The mind of the scientist critically evaluates observations and data, makes hypotheses, and tests ideas. To this end, I help students develop scientific literacy, avoid rote memorization in favor of developing more thorough understandings, communicate their interpretations of science, and learn to make connections about what they experience in my classroom with the larger world around them.

Course Title Description
Geology 111 The Earth! An introduction to physical geology for majors. A classical approach to major Earth processes including plate tectonics, volcanology, petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry, erosion, geomorphology, and climate.
Geology 113 The Earth! Laboratory Associated with Geology 111, this course gives students hands-on experiences to all the topics discussed in the lecture.
Geology 325 Minerals and Rocks A modern approach to teaching an Earth Materials course. Using current theories of Mineral Evolution and the Materials Genome as the course setting, students gain a novel perspective of Earth Materials through planetary evolution and molecular dynamics. This course is open to B.A. and B.S. students. Prerequisite is only Geology 111.
Geology 330 Mineralogy A traditional mineralogy course for majors in the B.S. program.
Geology 430 Optical Mineralogy Polarized light microscopy is a powerful tool for the analysis of minerals and rocks. This course takes students through the basics of optical physics, light interaction with crystalline materials, quantitative measurements of optical properties of minerals, and textural description of rocks in thin section.
Geology 432 Crystallography Soon to be renamed to Diffraction and Spectroscopy, this seminar style course is dedicated to the study of advanced analytical techniques. Students learn modern diffraction analysis and structure solution/refinement. In addition, students gain experience using tools such as XRD, ICP, Raman, DSC-TGA, and LC-MS.
Geology 475 National Parks From time-to-time I offer one-time courses, and these fall under the umbrella of Geol 475.
Geology 510 The Rietveld Method A semester long course dedicated to crystal structure refinements from powder diffraction data.
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