Laboratory People and equipment

Current Members

  • Caleb Chappell
  • Ron Waterbury
  • Chelsea Kipper
  • Steel Morss
  • Raman
    Raman Microscope
    The Thermo DXR is the workhorse in the lab. It is used for time-resolved crsytallization, dissolution, and ion exchange experiments. It is also used for compositional and molecular characterization maps of minerals.
  • Single Crystal XRD
    Single Crystal XRD
    The Bruker APEX-II Quasar is used for the determination of the periodic atomic arrangement in very small crystals (~125 cubic micrometers). In addition, it is also used as powder diffractometer for time-resolved studies.
  • Powder XRD
    Powder XRD
    The Rigaku Miniflex-II is a small bench-top powder diffractometer that is used for routine identification of unknown materials. It has a multi-sample stage that is useful for long scans and classroom activities.
    Thermal Analysis
    The NETZSCH Jupiter F1 TG / DSC has nanogram mass resolution and is used for measuring the weight loss/gain during sample heating while simultaneously measuring the amount of heat the sample is absorbing/releasing. These data can help determine at which temperatures and what types of transformations occur in minerals.
  • Materials Synthesis
    Materials Synthesis
    Experimental facility designed to investigate the structural and molecular arrangement of atoms in real-time during crystal growth, decay, transformation, and ion exchange.
  • Computation
    Iterative targeted transformation factor analysis, Topas, Matlab, VESTA, QuantumEspresso, VASP, GSAS-II, MagicPlot, LaTeX, Python, and much more can be done through the High Performance Computing Center.
    Past Group Members

    Chelsea Brunner, Justin Cave, Heath Dame, Mathew Downen, Cody Feldhaus, Joshua Henderson, Cassandra Hornback, Chrsitian Jolly, Samantha Kramer, Kristin Leftwich, Zach Pennington, John Perry, Mollie Pope, Michael Powers, Shelby Rader, Melinda Rucks, Forrest Simmons, Nancy Toney, Christopher Toney, Anna Walter, Layne Webb.