Mineralogy - Geochemistry - Dynamics @ Western Kentucky University

My goals as a mineralogist and geochemist are to probe the secrets of how Earth materials work, and to take that understanding to predict and design new functionality. I have focused on the molecular-scale characterization of Earth materials to understand their roles in a variety of environments. I seek to quantify surface reactivity, evolution over time, and the capacity of minerals to sequester ions, crystallize, and survive in a variety of extreme environments. In deciphering mechanisms at the atomic and molecular levels, I hope to understand, predict, and even manipulate mineral behaviors and properties at the macroscopic scale.

Lab News
  • Justin Cave was just awarded a very competitive graduate research fellowship from the WKU Graduate School. Congratulations Justin!
    2 April, 2014
  • Michael Powers (2013 WKU alumnus of the CK group) has just been awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! Congratulations Michael!
    2 April, 2014
  • I will be teaching Mineralogy (GEOL 330) and Diffraction and Spectroscopy (GEOL 432)
    15 March, 2014
  • Advancing porous nanomaterials for basic energy science, environmental security, and materials genomics.
    1 November, 2013


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